Commonly reported violations:

  • Accumulation of rubbish
  • Overgrown properties
  • Inoperable vehicles
  • Occupied vehicles
  • Operating businesses prohibited by zoning
  • Setbacks

What do we not enforce?

  • On-street parking
    • Report to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 719-390-5555
  • Noise
    • Report to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office at 719-390-5555
  • Building Code/unpermitted structures
    • Report to the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department at 719-327-2880

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the enforcement process work? When a complaint about an alleged violation is received, a Code Enforcement Officer conducts an inspection of the property from either the public right of way or from an adjoining property with the permission of that property owner. If the Code Enforcement Officer is able to confirm the violation, a Notice of Violation is mailed to the property owner and/or current occupant of the property. The Notice of Violation provides a description of the violation, the violation reference, the issuing Code Enforcement Officer and his/her contact information. The property owner has at least fourteen (14) days to correct the violation OR to contact the Code Enforcement Officer to discuss additional time to correct the violation.

Why did I receive a Notice of Violation? Code enforcement action is complaint driven. If you received a Notice of Violation, a complaint was received on your property. Citizens that receive a Notice of Violation are encouraged to contact the Code Enforcement Officer listed on the notice if additional time is needed to correct the violation.

Who submitted the complaint to Code Enforcement? Code Enforcement files are considered public record and will include the identity of the complainant unless the complaint was submitted anonymously.

What if the violation is not visible from the public right of way? Enforcement action cannot be taken if Code Enforcement staff is unable to confirm the violation. However, citizens may allow Code Enforcement staff to enter their property to view a violation OR provide documentation and pictures of the violation.

If I do not correct my violation, what happens next? If the violation is not correct, the Executive Director of the Planning and Community Development may issue an Executive Determination. The Executive Determination provides the property owner with ten (10) days to request an appeal of the Executive Determination. If a request for an appeal is not received within the ten (10) days, the Executive Determination is final and the Office of the County Attorney is authorized to proceed with legal action. If a request for an appeal is received, a public appeal hearing is scheduled before the Board of County Commissioners who will make the decision to overturn or affirm the Executive Determination.

Does Code Enforcement issue citations or assess fines? Code Enforcement does not issue citations or assess fines. If voluntary compliance cannot be reached, cases are referred to the Office of the County Attorney to file a civil lawsuit against the property owner(s) in District or County Court or application for an administrative entry and seizure warrant is submitted to the Court requesting a warrant for Code Enforcement to enter a property and abate the violations.

Ordinances enforced by Code Enforcement

No. 96-03 Graffiti
No. 18-01 Requiring the Removal of Weeds and Brush
No. 18-02 Prohibiting the Accumulation of Rubbish
No. 18-03 Removal of Unsafe Buildings

Code Enforcement: Before and After

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