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The Planning and Community Development Department provides a full range of planning and land use review services, as well as construction inspections and enforcement of the Land Development Code and County Ordinances.

Planning Commission and Board of County Commissioners Hearings

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Interim Executive Director: Kevin Mastin
Telephone: (719) 520-6300
Location: 2880 International Circle, Suite 110

Colorado Springs, CO 80910

EPC Engage is an industry-focused workshop series created with our partners in mind. This series is intended to provide a more in-depth look into what the County does, how we do it, and why we do it. More specifically, the goal of EPC Engage is to help our industry partners learn more about the land development process, give you an opportunity to hear from and connect with different department experts, and ultimately help all our partners become more comfortable working with the County.

While workshops will be hosted by El Paso County Planning and Community Development, they will feature many other County departments and local partner agencies in an effort to provide well-rounded and worthwhile presentations, as well as meaningful opportunities to work with the industry on improvements to the County’s regulations and processes

EPC Engage workshops will happen on a recurring basis on the last Wednesday of every other month. For more information on upcoming EPC Engage workshops, what topics will be covered and how to attend, please visit the EPC Engage website here.

EPC Community Engage is a community-focused workshop series launched by the El Paso County Planning and Community Development Department in 2021 to provide a more in-depth look into what the County does, how we do it, and why. More specifically, the Planning and Community Development Department wants to help our residents learn more about the land use and planning processes, how they can benefit from them and what tools and programs are available to our residents.

To learn more about EPC Community Engage and which workshops the County will be offering to residents in 2021, please visit the EPC Community Engage website here.

The El Paso County Planning Commission reviews planning petitions and makes recommendations to the Board of County Commissioners on land use requests and prepares a master plan for unincorporated areas of the county.

The El Paso County Board of Commissioners has statutory authority of land use regulations. Please see the Board of Commissioners agendas for meeting information.

Please see EDARP for specific project documents and maps.

The BoCC shall appoint a Board of Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment is established by resolution of the BoCC pursuant to State Statutes. The Board of Adjustment shall consist of 5 members. Each member shall be a legal resident of El Paso County. The Board of Adjustment shall meet once a month or as often as necessary for the transaction of its business. The meetings shall be noticed and open to the public.. The affirmative vote of at least 4 members is required for any action by the Board of Adjustment regarding an appeal or application.

The Board of Adjustment shall hear and determine appeals of general relief decisions and dimensional variances in accordance with this Code the Procedures Manual, or as established by Colorado law. Decisions of the Board of Adjustment may not be appealed to the BoCC, but shall be appealed pursuant to State Statute and State Rules of Civil Procedure. The Board of Adjustment, through the authority granted to it by C.R.S. §30-28-117 and C.R.S. §30-28-118 and this Code, is empowered to do the following with respect to administration of this Code.

Planning and Community Development

Your initial contact, whether by telephone, e-mail or in person, will be with administrative staff trained to ask questions so that you may be directed to the staff person whose expertise is required to assist you. Many questions may be answered with just the first telephone call. To e-mail us click on the e-mail link on the left side of this page.

Telephone: (719) 520-6300

Email: plnweb@elpasoco.com

Address: 2880 International Circle, Suite 110 – Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910

Fax: (719) 520-6695

Other Useful Telephone Numbers

El Paso County Board of County Commissioners (719) 520-7276

El Paso County Assessor (719) 520-6600

El Paso County Clerk & Recorder (719) 520-6202

El Paso County Treasurer (719) 520-7900

El Paso County Department of Public Works (719) 520-6460

El Paso County Fire Marshall (719) 575-8407

Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (719) 327-2880

Colorado Springs Planning & Community Development (719) 385-5905

Colorado Springs Code Enforcement (719) 444-7891