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  • How do I submit an Open Records request?
  • I want to build on my property
  • What is an Early Assistance meeting?
    • What is an Early Assistance Meeting?Early Assistance (EA) Meetings are designed to provide applicants with the information needed to complete the development application process(es). Typically, EA Meetings are necessary for projects that require a hearing before the Planning Commission and / or Board of County Commissioners such as a zone change, subdivision, or variance of use. EA meetings may be requested for other development application process(es).

      A team consisting of a review engineer, stormwater engineer, and a planner will be assigned to a request for an EA meeting. EA Meetings last approximately one (1) hour, can be held virtual or in-person, and have a fee of $427.

      Recordings of each EA meeting are uploaded into the associated EA file in EDARP.

    • You may apply for an EA meeting through EDARP.
    • Not sure if you need an Early Assistance Meeting? Email the Planner of the Day at
  • How do I draw a site plan?
  • What is an Agricultural Structure Exemption from the Building Code?