What is a minor subdivision?

El Paso County defines a Minor Subdivision as a subdivision of four (4) or fewer lots which does not require public improvements or waivers of the subdivision regulations.

What are public improvements and waivers?

Public improvements include public roads, drainage structures or other infrastructure that may be dedicated to El Paso County. Waivers include any request for relief from the strict application of the El Paso County Land Development Code requirements.

Can I do this process myself?

The Minor Subdivision process is designed with the non-professional in mind. However, professional assistance is required for surveying and plat preparation. Most land use professionals are familiar with the El Paso County process and can provide valuable assistance to the first-timer. Surveyors, engineers and planners can be located in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory.

Do I really need to subdivide?

If you are creating lots of less than 35 acres in size then the lots must be created through the subdivision process. This is required by the Colorado State Statute commonly referred to as Senate Bill 35.

Do I need to rezone?

Zone districts assigned to a property set the minimum lots size as well as other requirements. Creating a minor subdivision may trigger the need for other actions, such as rezoning.

Where do I start?

An Early Assistance meeting is a required first step. You will fill out an Early Assistance Application and submit it with the required documents and the fee. Then a Team is assigned to your project; this team generally consists of a Project Manager, Planner and Engineer. Access to additional professional assistance is available should it be required. The Project Manager is your main contact for the project you have begun.

After the Early Assistance meeting, you need to set up a Submittal meeting with your Project Manager. Your submittal is reviewed by the Team and non-county agencies. The project will be scheduled for the first available (agenda permitting) Planning Commission hearing after the applicant has resolved all issues and adequately addressed Development Services and review agency comments. After a recommendation is given by the Planning Commission, the project can then be scheduled with the Board of County Commissioners which makes the final decision on your subdivision request.

How long does the process take?

Typically the average Minor Subdivision project takes between 90 and 120 days from submittal to the final decision. Circumstances may arise that could lengthen this process. These potential elements/specifics of your project will be determined and discussed with you at your Early Assistance Meeting. These potential elements may include subdivision regulations, zoning, comprehensive plans, access, water, sewer, drainage, wildlife, geologic factors, submittal requirements, non-county agency requirements, fees and the general feasibility of your project.