If you have yet to hear back from your Commissioner about a Planning and Community Development matter, your concern likely relates to the quasi-judicial process. This means by law, Commissioners are not allowed to discuss the proceeding until a vote has been made. However, after the vote, you may approach the Commissioners.

Legislative vs Quasi-judicial

  • Legislative decisions have a widespread impact and apply to a broad class of people or property. Public participation is encouraged for this reason. Examples of legislative decisions — those that establish policies or regulations — include the adoption of zoning and subdivision regulations, noise and traffic ordinances, and liquor license regulations. All legislative decisions are made by the elected Board of County Commissioners, but not every decision made by the Board is a legislative decision.
  • Quasi-judicial decisions involve the application of regulations or ordinances to a particular person, property, or situation. Examples of quasi-judicial decisions include decisions on zoning and subdivision applications or requests to approve or revoke a liquor license.

If the quasi-judicial process is not in place for your concern, please feel free to communicate with your Commissioner using the links below.