Note: Payment must accompany all forms. For your convenience, Planning & Community Development now accepts credit cards. Payment by check or cash is the standard. Please print the forms, fill them out completely, and mail to 2880 International Circle, Suite 110, Colorado Springs, CO 80910. You may also drop items off at the address above. Call (719) 520-6300 if you have questions.

Here are charts from the Land Development Code that show you setbacks and uses as you think about submitting a project to the Development Services Department.

Residential Setbacks – Zoning Use Tables

Collateral/Surety is posted to guarantee completion of required improvements associated with certain land use applications. These include, but are not limited to, grading and erosion control, landscaping of public and/or common improvements, defect warranty, construction removal, etc. Some collateral is collected to assure removal of construction items from a property when the approved use has been completed.

NOTE: Once the Surety estimate has been approved, submittal of collateral can be coordinated through the assigned Project Manager. Any request for a reduction in the amount of collateral held by the County must be submitted in writing by the permit holder or authorized representative. Any release is based upon inspection by County Staff and review of the required inspection and documentation provided to the County by the permit holder.

Please use the forms provided below; they have been pre-approved by the County Attorney’s Office. Each document submitted using a different format must be reviewed and approved by the Attorney’s Office. This may cause unwanted delays.

Letters of Credit (LOC) – typically accompanied by a signed and recorded copy of the Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA) and an approved Surety Estimate (Estimate of Guaranteed Funds (EGF)).

Bonds – typically accompanied by a recorded copy of the Subdivision Improvement Agreement (SIA) and an approved EGF.

Construction Compliance Permit Bond (For projects not part of a subdivision)
Certified or Cashier’s Checks – must be made payable to El Paso County and accompanied by a W-9 form and should have a recorded Subdivision Improvement Agreement and a Surety Estimate Form.